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Long Live Charlie Hebdo

I have used this blog exclusively for publishing my own work, but the attack on the French cartoonists on January 7 demands an exception. When blood runs through our streets, it is the duty of anyone with a voice and a conscience to cry "Murder!" This recent attack was murder —murder in the name of a hatred of freedom, hatred of western achievement, and hatred of life on this earth.  I post these cartoons here in honor of the fallen and in defiance of their killers.   Below is a link to an article written by Onkar Ghate, in which he explains what I consider to be the proper response to those who wish to silence the voices of the free. In it he states: "If we now all defiantly make the content and images the jihadists wish to ban widely and permanently available across the web, the attackers will have failed. They may have taken the lives of the editor and cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo, for which we grieve, but they will not have taken their freedom."  Link t