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Inktober 2022

"Match" Inktober Day 8  ($75) It's October again, so I've been doing Inktober, an annual artist challenge to make one drawing a day everyday of October using the official "Inktober" prompts. I haven't been using ink every day but I have been creating every day, which is the spirit and purpose of the challenge. Today I made the above acrylic painting. "Scallop" This type of edge design is called a scallop, presumably after the scallop shell.  "Scurry" I was at my local figure drawing co-op this day for 3 hours, hoping the model  would do something like a scurry pose. But I liked her poses anyway. They were very restful.  "Gargoyle"  I learned in college that a gargoyle is technically the statue connected to a gutter, made to spit the rain water out of its mouth (though that's not really how we use the term anymore). I was thinking about the sad existence of a gargoyle come to life, never able to speak because he is always