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Testimony, Painting Sessions

  These are painting sessions for my current work, Testimony . I post these weekly on YouTube . Subscribe to my channel and you'll see them as they go up.  ________________ Testimony, Painting Session 3, Modeling the architecture of the scene using masking techniques and  linear perspective Session 4, Painting woodgrain Session 5, Using acrylic pouring techniques to create ambient textures Session 6, Modeling wood molding and plotting where the highlights go Session 7, Continuing the ambient texture of the wainscoting using both Scumbling  and   Glazing

Making a 2-Color Woodblock Print with Easy Registration

  In the Water, Toward the Woods Woodblock print, 5" x 7" This is my first 2-color woodcut. I used a variation of a traditional Japanese registration system for lining up the multiple blocks required for a multi-colored print. 

Testimony, two painting sessions

These are the first two paintings sessions of my new picture Testimony . I'm using matte acrylic on canvas.