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This is my new painting. It is titled  Pilgrim                                                                                                                (oil on canvas, 20" x 28") The limitations of photography make it difficult to reproduce the appearance of a painting satisfactorily. An artwork must be seen in person in order to be fully grasped in the manner that the artist intended.  This painting is intended to be viewed both from afar and close up, and in both daylight and artificial light. I present here a variety of photographs focusing on different sections of the painting in different scales and in different lighting. I hope this will give the viewer some sense of the real experience.            

Color Studies

These are a few studies done in oil. They are not works of impressionism but are rather "color studies," a type of exercise which painters use both to plan compositions and, such as in this case, to exercise their capacity to capture the tonal key of a light setting by rendering the relative values of color in that setting.  Sandra Shaw, an artist whom I respect, states the purpose of color studies as such:  "A  b rief sketch quickly executed heightens the artist's awareness of what he is looking at, and motivates him to commit to canvas the essential elements of the subject. By executing many color studies from nature, the artist learns to grasp the essentials of a subject and establish them as the foundation of his work." (Link to Sandra Shaw's website)