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Trumpet Tree

Oil on paper, 5" x 7." This painting is based on some watercolor sketches I made of trumpet trees in Sarasota, Florida.

Coloring Pages

I decided to try my hand at designing a coloring page. Adult coloring books have become a sensation, and my curiosity is piqued. I designed this print by hand, and colored it digitally. Coloring book enthusiasts click here if you would like to purchase a digital download of this design. 

Figure Drawings

I made these in a figure drawing class in 2012. Graphite on paper. The assignment I gave myself was to express as much as possible in the most elemental terms, using only the bare line and minimal shading. This type of exercise is a valuable lesson in economy of means; it helps me orient myself away from naturalistic clutter and towards an essentialized view.

How to Paint a Landscape in Oil

This is a landscape painted with oil on paper. It was painted from a photograph and the subject is a pond in Central Park. The visual theme is "distance" and all of my choices were made in order to communicate and stress the illusion of space.  The painting was made in four layers, with a few days between each one to allow the paint to dry. I am going to describe the process of each layer. STEP 1 The first step is to block in the large shapes. This is a means of mapping out the composition, choosing which objects will be included and which omitted. The exact tones used at this stage are not absolutely critical but are an approximation of the target colors. Since they will serve as a substrate for subsequent layers, I mixed them lighter and duller than my target colors. That way they won't dominate subsequent layers by showing through and altering the color of those layers—at least no more than I want them to. STEP 2 The next layer of paint is