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Landscapes 2022

I wanted to share these landscapes I painted this year. This one depicts the view from my car during a cross-country trip. I like the idea of a "modern landscape," with traditional subject matter but from a 21st Century perspective. I also like the idea of situating the viewer inside the car because it sort of makes them a part of the painting These watercolors were all painted by setting down the background sky color first. Once it was dry I painted over it with the most opaque black I could mix. I like how the silhouettes make the skies really sing. This one is a little different. I used ink instead of watercolor, and a pen for the trees instead of a brush. Here the silhouette of the black trees suggests not a lack of light, but the blinding light of the sky. The indelible marks of the ink made for a more expressive piece and I approached it much more improvisationally than the paintings above.