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Drawing and Painting the Horse

I'm creating an instructional Youtube series on drawing and painting the horse. I recently took on a project that involved painting a dragon and I wanted to improve my understanding of animal anatomy. I think horses are a good gateway to this subject because they are extremely bony and muscular and their coats generally don't conceal their anatomy. 

Vermeer's Girl with the Flute

I put together this video discussion of a topic that is super important to me. The authorship of this painting, The Girl with a Flute  has recently come under serious question. I don't know whether or not it is a genuine Vermeer, but I offer some thoughts on the basis of stylistic analysis and thematic comparison to a similar painting, Vermeer's Girl with the Red Hat . 

Acrylic Painting for SAFEWORD 2023

I completed this acrylic painting in January for the SAFEWORD art show at Squirrel Haus Arts in Minneapolis. The theme of the show was sex positivity, and there were a lot of talented artists involved. The show was arranged by Other Worldly Arts Collective .  Acrylic on canvas, 2023 SOLD